// My contribution for Ch. 49

I get back to answer my asks— There’s that one, I want to reply to with a heartbreaking comic lol //

[[ I needed an excuse to draw 5 year older Eren with Rivaille’s hairstyle because of reasons. For a better understanding of the mini comic read this. ]] 


[ “CALMER” I LAUGHED BECAUSE YEAH, THAT’S PROBABLY A GOOD SUMMARY OF WHAT OLDER!EREN WILL BE. he’ll run himself out of steam eventually (no titan pun intended). thank you! i suppose it would make sense that he’d get at least a little bit more rugged. eyyy i will see what i can come up with when i actually decide to draw ]


[[ older!Eren v2

Maybe he will have shorter hair - actually Rivaille’s hairstyle.
Somewhat of a memento of his corporal. Seeing that many years have passed, maybe Rivaille has died in battle. To show his respect and gratitude Eren cuts his hair in a similar way (however with a touch of Eren style). Besides, Eren would rather cut his hair shorter than growing them longer, since he thinks long hair would get in the way of using the 3DMG. And again calmer expression because maturity and puberty has hit him in his face… eventually.

After those years Eren also gained the rank Rivaille once had. //shot ]]



[[ First time trying to color something for real. Also first time drawing a background. I’m quite content with the result. ]]

The past cannot be cured.
Queen Elizabeth I

[[ This might become a series… Bertholdt has no scars, since he always gets protected by Reiner or releases extremely hot and pressurized steam to make an enemies’ approach nearly impossible. ]]

Where there’s anger, there is always pain underneath
Eckhart Tolle

[[ Imagine that when Titan shifter transform into their Titans despite being physically exhausted, they can’t recover from wounds. And when they transform back into their human forms, the wounds will leave scars, which will never disappear. ]]

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Our life is made by the death of others.
Leonardo Da Vinci—

[[ Since I’ve been taking in requests— this one is for jaegerlevi. ]]